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Bridal Mehndi Artist

Brides always like applying henna as a form of traditional as well as cultural role and its booming trend all over the world. These days, brides are more into minimum Mehndi trends but there are still some brides who would want their whole arms and legs to be decorated by beautiful and attractive traditional henna designs for their special day. One cannot ignore how beautiful these full traditional Mehndi designs look as they are available in diverse styles, like Indian, Arabic and Pakistani Mehndi designs also with beautiful designs. And we have got this exclusively for your full arm fetishes. We can make right from the simplest to the most complicated designs on the market. Bridal mehndi designs are applied to a woman due to a different kind of beliefs. The most common one is that the darker the colour of Mehndi leaves on the hands and feet of a bride, the more she appreciated and valued by her husband and mother-in-law in future as the colour has its own value and beliefs. But apart from that belief, there are some others reasons also why brides spend hours-and-hours to have a well-designed mehndi on her hands and feet as well. Mehndi is also well known for its medicinal benefits also. Stress can cause illnesses in some cases to the bride.

To avoid such incidence, bridal mehndi designs are added and it’s reduced stress and cools down the bride’s nerves also. It also protects them from any viral diseases before the wedding day. That’s why these are etched on the hands and feet as these are where the nerve endings are. Its effectiveness is improved by using some oils, clove, and lemon.

Bridal designs are quite simple ones. Bridal designs mostly consist of leaves, veins, flowers etc. this choice suits the best if you want to extend the design from hand to arm or from foot to leg on Bride. Such designs mainly consist of outlines and not filled shapes and sizes.These designs easily dry up as less amount of mehndi paste is consumed, which means you can save your time and energy.

In the trends of pre-wedding functions, if there is something that the bride and her tribe enjoy the most, it is the Mehndi function or applying Mehndi and do lots of fun during that time which becomes the most beautiful and memorable moment in one’s life. 

While preparing for Mehndi it also includes everything from arranging floral jewellery, selecting the outfit and having a cute photo to make the occasion more memorable and the most important element is choosing a good mehndi design for your big day.

When it comes to henna designs, brides have their own preferences also and make customized designs. Some like a simple mehndi design also and prefer to make some light designs, while others want to go all out with an intricate bridal mehndi design. Whatever may be your liking when it comes to mehndi designs for brides its always special and also lot of gracefull and dedicated work is required to make the heena worthy as well as beautiful.

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